Conceptual art

What is the reason behind conceptual art? It is simply a thought that the concept, the idea itself, behind the artwork is more important than the picture/painting/medium itself. One example of that i Peter Liveridge, one of his artworks consists of single page A4 letters, written on a typewriter. In which he comes with proposals and ideas, such as

 I propose…

After that sentence, anything may come. It could be about the city or venue where the exhibition takes place. These works, Liversidge calls Interventions. In this case, the intervention he proposes and the act itself is more relevant than the framed A4 paper itself. The paper is just a medium to convey his thoughts, if it were to disappear, the art aka the thought would still live on.

Another fun aspect is that in one of the frames in the picture above, is a mirror. Try guessing which one it is.

Peter Liversidge at Bonniers konsthall ends on March 4th.

More about him and his works could be found on his website. 

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