Has art become the new interior?

I was scrolling around the internet and just realized that nowadays, the concept of art has become even more commercial. Art is seen even more as a product nowadays. It might have been inevitable, due to the capitalism. Yet, is an artwork worth less due to the fact that it is seen as a product and not something as special and unique? The idea of buying a piece of the aritist’s struggle/life/time (depending on what roll the artist has, if it is a protégé/ the starving artist/ the jetsetter/ the master), and therefore buying yourself into a certain lifestyle. Or is art purchased as a symbol of status nowadays? With the newly rich wandering around multiple artgalleries in town, only to find the next thing to put up on their walls, only in order to impress their friends with their newly accompliished wealth. Without even knowing, or being curious about what they are buying. Will art lose its status because of that? Or will it gain in popularity by becoming a trend, which is the case now. Where art has become a part of the interior that is as clear as having a chair or a sofa in the livingroom. Or on the contrary, did it become the ultimate symbol of luxury, meant only for the rich upperclass?

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