Market VS. Supermarket

A few months back, I was conversing with an art-interested aquaintance. One topic led to another and I brought up the Market art fair. And she replied: — Don’t you mean SUPER-market? No, I argued. Let us clear up this misunderstanding once for all.

Market art fair is a Nordic art fair, that was founded in 2006. This year, the fair is on between April 13th-15th 2018, at the newly renovated Liljevalchs Konsthall on Djurgården. The most prominent Scandinavian galleries are exhibiting during this fair.

Whereas the Supermarket art fair is an international independent art fair. The submisions are from all over the world and the fair is run by artists. Therefore galleries (in the tradtitional context) are not involved. This fair takes place April 12th-15th 2018, in Slaughterhouse 5, Södermalm.

The main difference whom the fairs are run by. I am certain that the art is at least as good during both fairs. Yet, I find it quite suspicious that the fairs take place simoultainously. It reminds me a bit about the Salons in the late 19th and early 20th century. Where the artists not included in the classical and famous Salon (an exhibition, like an expo) would start an independent alternative Salon on the side at the same time as the main event, the Salon took place.

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