Political art; the golden toilet

Art is a part of the everyday life. It does not have a world of its own, luckily. Therefore, it is unavoidable to separate art from other current issues in the world. In most cases when art is used as a political statement, it is done so by the artist him/her-self. Such as in the works of Ai Wei Wei. But sometimes it happens that the art instutuions, such as museums / galleries and so on, try to make a statement.

Installation view: Maurizio Cattelan, America, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC, Photo: Kristopher McKay

The most recent case is the one where the Guggenheim denied a loan of a Vang Gogh to the White House. Instead, Nancy Spector (the curator) proposed Maurizio Cattelans’s 18-carat gold toilet America (2016) for Trump’s private quarters. How far should the artinstitutions go in making a statement? Should they at all get involved?

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