On Jeff Koons and postmodern art

It has been unavoidable to not see Jeff Koons’ latest invention, known as his collaboration on a collection of bags and accessories with Louis Vuitton. In which Koons has sampled artworks from different periods in time. Those works are made by everyone from Da Vinci to Fragonard and Gauguin. The collection itself is named ”Masters” as if only the names mentioned would count as masters. Of course it is about artworks that changed the history and the perception of art, yet other names could have been chosen as well. Female painters existed during those times and were quite successful: Anguissola, Fontana, Ruysch, Kahlo, just to name a few. How come that Koons only chose men? It might be due to the fact that the normal person will not recognize other works. Most people would recognize Mona Lisa. It sells.

Koons is mostly known for his giant balloon animals and hoovers in a showcase, make no mistake this collaboration is in line with what he does. He does postmodern art, which entails that the art itself is often temporary. In this case, no one really know for how long the collection will be available. Also, postmodern art often uses pre-existing things, such as paintings in this case.

Is Koons collaboration tainted by kitsch or is it postmodern art in its purest form? Up to you to decide.


Source: Louis Vuitton

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